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Earn at least a 6-figure income monthly, following simple steps. If we accept you as our distributor, It becomes our responsibility to send you products + buyers list While you ensure efficient delivery to our customers.

Here's Exactly How It Works In Few Steps

  • We sell problem solving products that people will always rush to buy
  • You buy the products from us at very good discounts in bulk
  • Our team of digital marketers will then send you list of customers to buy from you at retail prices after 3 days of purchase.

In summary, we’re giving you both goods and customers to sell to. SO all you do is simply deliver to the customers and take cash on delivery With this process, 6 figures weekly profit is very possible.

Hmmm... What If We Fail To Send Customers?

In rare occasions where we’re unable to send customers within the stipulated timeframe, distributors can request for a capital refund of unsold items. This process takes about 2 weeks.

The reason is to allow us process the request and retrieve items. This clearly makes this a risk free opportunity.

You Know What?

To Further Prove That This is Real... If you scale through our process as I will share with you soon, we'll send you a small list of buyers you can call to confirm. And this is even before you pay us a dime.

There are some terms though…


Pick a package that best fits your financial goals. All packages higher still enjoy the benefits listed in lower packages. We also have packages for affiliates and mini distributors, such as students who want to launch their career on the path of findlet entrepreneurship.

Starter Pack

10% Discount

20 Units of Each Product

Business Builder Pack

20% Discount

40 Units of Each Product

Premium Pack

30% Discount

60 Units of Each Product

Custom Pack

40% Discount

80 Units of Each Product and above

Our Products

"Partnering with Findlet has revolutionized our distribution business. Their advanced technology, seamless logistics, and unwavering support have significantly boosted our sales and operational efficiency."

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Mr Lawrence
Lagos Distributor

"Findlet's commitment to quality and innovation has been instrumental in our success as distributors. Their support has enabled us to thrive and provide top-notch products and services to our customers."

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Madam Ann
Abuja Distributor